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Paulin Research Group ("PRG") provides FEA software products and consulting services to the pressure vessel and piping industries.  PRG's core software products - FEPipe™ and NozzlePRO™, enable pressure vessel and piping designers, engineers, and stress analysts with the ability to quickly and easily apply FEA technology to complex system components without having to become FEA experts. 

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Instructors of PRG

Willy Lock

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Paulin Research Group

FEA, FEPipe, NozzlePRO, ASME B31J

Courses related to PRG

 FEPipe Fundamentals 

349.00 €
Self-Paced or Hybrid
6 modules, 3:15 hrs
Daniel van Baalen, M.Sc.

 FEPipe Advanced Topics 

349.00 €
Self-Paced or Hybrid
4 modules, 2:10 hours
Daniel van Baalen, MSc

NozzlePRO Essentials

699.00 €
Self-Paced or Hybrid
6 modules, 9+ hrs total
Dynaflow & Paulin Research Group