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By collaborating with EngineeringTrainer you can develop and tailor the best available courses of the highest quality to your liking. Use our dedicated platform and reach Engineers all over the world.

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Dedicated Online Platform

Engineering Trainer has developed a full service online training platform, this allows you to focus on content and student interaction while we focus on sales and customer needs. Our wide ranging portfolio and accredited learning environment is optimized to service the needs of the engineer, their team leader and associated L&D Coordinators.

  Market knowledge

Because Engineering Trainer employs seasoned engineers with extensive expertise, they know how to operate in this market. Furthermore, Engineering Trainer has production specialists on board to make sure that we offer a high quality product to this newly developed market.



Synergy with other Partners

Join our all ready established portfolio of partners and benefit from our and their added value.

 Joint  Market Initiatives

With our marketing team we make sure that our reach is maximized, and we serve our customers at the right moment at the right place. Collaborating with us ensures effective campaigns through content marketing, live sessions, conferences and more.



Professional Partner Support

The Engineering Trainer team keeps their partners and contacts close at all times. This means that we are there to help at every stage in the process.

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